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 UPDATE: North Devon, Blue Cornwall North and Blue Portsmouth & Chichester Charts are SOLD OUT and we are not reprinting any more 2023 we are very sorry!

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New chart locations for 2023

New chart locations for 2023, pinch to zoom

How does the chart work? 

Below a close up example of one of my charts. Local tidal predictions are illustrated in a visual tide table with the date, time and height of the tide. The height of the wave illustrates the spring and neap tides. Moon phases are also displayed showing the beautiful connection between the moon and the tides.

Tide Chart Explanation Diagram

This chart is designed to be placed in a spot you will see it every day, say next to your kitchen table or by your desk? Placed in the right spot you will really get to know the rhythm of the sea and its love of the moon.

Equinoctial Tides Hydrographical Chart New information about equinoctial tides, the effects of lunar declination and how the greatest astronomical tides are defined on 2023 charts.

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