North Wales Tide Chart

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A unique tide times hydrographical chart for the North Wales coastline. Perfect for those who love the sea.


A full year of tide times, moon phases and sea temperatures.

*2024 last few left*

New for 2024:  What is a Supermoon, how does it affect our tides?  Why is the earth closest to the sun during the colder months?  How does this impact tidal ranges?  What patterns can we see easily in our tides each month and every year?

Which area does the chart cover?

This chart can be used for all locations along the mainland North Wales coast and the north coast of Anglesey. Tide Times and heights are based on Llandudno, times and Heights for most of the North Wales coastline are the same.

For the North West coast of Anglesey and Holyhead, times follow all of the same tidal patterns with the following adjustments: Deduct 20 minutes from high times and 40 minutes from low times.

This chart is not suitable for locations on the South West coast of Anglesey due to the tidal Amphidromic point off the Anglesey coast causing highly variable tides from North Stack on Holy Island all the way down to Bardsey Island off the Llyn Peninsula. See map image for more information.

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Lithograph Print on beautiful Tintoretto Gesso paper. B2 standard framing size, 50cm wide x 70cm high. Fits perfectly into this vintage school style wooden poster hanger sold separately.


North Wales Tide Times Hydrographical Chart for Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Rhyl, Prestatyn and Menai Bridge

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