2020 Brighton and Hove, Shoreham & Newhaven, Sussex Tide Wall Chart

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The unique Brighton and Hove, Shoreham to Newhaven 2020 tide wall chart. Your guide to understanding, using and loving the sea.

Never miss another sandy Brighton beach.

Perfect gift for beach-dwellers. An intertidal zone resource for sea swimmers, sailors, surfers, paddlers, dog walkers, anglers and those who love the sea.

SIZE: B2, standard framable size, 50cm wide x 70cm high. Fits perfectly into this vintage school style wooden poster hanger

Printed on 140gsm sustainably sourced paper.


A full year of high and low tide times and levels plus loads of new information on the new 2020 chart including guidance on Sussex Bay tidal streams and currents, slack water times, moon rise and set times, moon phases, sea temperatures and guidance on safely using the sea.

As a user-centred graphic designer I make things that strive to be both attractive and useful, easily incorporated into our daily habits. There are many tidal apps and websites but they don’t visually remind us on a daily basis what the sea is doing. This hand-designed chart is created to be placed in a spot you will see it every day, wherever you find your eyes relaxing and wandering: next to your kitchen table, on the fridge, a cupboard door, on your desk, by the front door, or even next to your toilet! Placed in the right spot you will really get to know the sea and the rhythm of it’s love of the moon, every day.

This chart can be used for most other locations along the South Coast in Sussex Bay. Times vary as below, heights vary a little by location depending on coastline bathymetry but follow the exact same Spring and Neap patterns:

 – Shoreham tide times are on average about 2-5 minutes after Brighton and Hove. Although Shoreham is more westerly than   Brighton and so sees the tidal wave from the central Atlantic earlier, the peak high and low tide times are just after Brighton times due to the local bathymetry and topography of the Adur rivermouth.

– Newhaven & Seaford tide times are about 2-8 minutes after Brighton and Hove.

– Worthing tide times are about 7-10 minutes ahead of Brighton and Hove.

– Eastbourne tide times are about 2-20 minutes after Brighton and Hove.

Heights are above Chart Datum*. Times and Heights are based on Brighton Marina.

*Chart Datum is the lowest local tide level due to astronomical effects, and excluding meteorological effects.


Tide Wall Chart Brighton Hove Shoreham Newhaven Sussex





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