North Somerset Tide Chart


*2023 now available*

A unique tide times hydrographical chart for the North Somerset coastline and Bristol Harbour. Perfect for those who love the sea.

A full year of tide times, moon phases and sea temperatures.

*NEW FOR 2023*

Nautical Blue: Loads of new information on astronomical influences on our tides. What are the greatest astronomical tides, what are equinoctial tides and how does lunar declination affect our tides?

Botanical Black: A beautiful hydrographical chart with botanical hand drawn illustrations of seaweed sustainably foraged from the local UK coastline. Designed to look beautiful on your wall and inspire adventures at low tide.

Which area does this chart cover?


Tide times and heights are based on Clevedon. For Portishead and Avonmouth add 15 minutes to all times. For Burnham-on-Sea deduct 5 minutes. For Bristol Harbour Cumberland Basin add 25 minutes to high times. For Weston and Sand Bay deduct 10 minutes from high times and 50 minutes from low times.

I also make lots of tide charts for other locations around the UK coastline.


Product Details

Lithograph Print on beautiful Tintoretto Gesso paper. B2 standard framing size, 50cm wide x 70cm high. Fits perfectly into this vintage school style wooden poster hanger sold separately.




Tide Times Tables Hydrographical Chart for North Somerset, Clevedon, Portishead, Bristol, Weston, River Avon and Avonmouth

Additional information

Weight .225 kg

Black Botanical, Blue Nautical


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